Sunday, 30 September 2012


Sooo... I've been a bit quiet lately and haven're really posted much about my modelling stuff and anything about my game. Also my Master Reboot blog has lost all its pictures so I don't update it any more.

Update on what I'm up to...
Visited Eurogame (was there Thursday and Friday) which was kool, got some nice freebies and played lots of games as well as watch Tom play Warface loads to collect raffle tickets to get into the final to win a iPad. Also met the Producer of Warface and the new community guy for Crytek who were both awesome and reminds me how awesome the people are at Crytek Frankfurt (I really miss visiting).  I have bought 2 games so far after playing or seeing them at the expo. One is The Room, a puzzle game on ios (check it out) and the other is Prison Architect, a cute little tycoon game where you make and look after a prison. It's only in Alpha stages, but it is awesome and I paid out to have my name as a prisoner XD.

I have a new job in Wales Interactive now where they're planning on releasing my game! So I have to spend the next month adding more levels and tweaking it till its at a good enough level to release, so watch this space!

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