Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Long needed update..

So I've been uber quiet on here for over a year now. Since then I've made 2 other blogs which I should link here.

http://master-reboot.blogspot.com/ Master Reboot is my Masters game project I'm working on so I can learn UDK and have a kool point and click adventure game that's my own. :)

http://alice-attraction.blogspot.co.uk/ This blog is showing what I'm doing on the Alice project, where I'm helping to bring Alice in Wonderland to Llandudno. It's a exciting project and my teapot design is hopefully being used as part of the trail that's being planned there. Also I'm doing designs for other ideas too. All exciting stuff. :)

Will hopefully be updating this with some much needed models soon that I'm going to work on to keep my modelling skills up and when I need a break from UDK..

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